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‘The shots are getting closer.’ Witnesses recounted moments of terror, inside and outside the store.

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Sarah Moonshadow was at the checkout at King Soopers with her son, buying food while waiting for her laundry to be done nearby, when she heard shots being fired.

“We ducked and I just started counting in between shots, and by the fourth shot I told my son, we have to run,” she said. As they were running, two shots were fired in their direction, she said.

When they made it out of the store, they saw a body lying in the road.

“I can tell that he wasn’t moving,” she said. “And so, I’m pretty sure he was gone. And I just broke down across the street. I just couldn’t believe we were able to make it across.”

Ms. Moonshadow moved back to Boulder, her hometown, from Denver after she became concerned about Denver becoming unsafe. “I’m really surprised that it even happened here,” she said. “This isn’t how Boulder is, you know. This isn’t what happens here.”

Taylor Shaver, who works at Art Cleaners, a dry cleaning and laundry business near the supermarket, said in an interview that she heard at least 10 gunshots and saw people running from the grocery store.

“I’m in the bathroom hiding,” Ms. Shaver said. “I heard this loud boom. I instantly knew. There was a ton of shots. My stomach dropped.”

Logan Smith, who was working in the Starbucks kiosk in the store, told NBC’s “Today” show on Tuesday morning that two of his co-workers were killed in the shooting. He still had not heard back from a third friend, he said.

“It’s harder even than it was yesterday, just thinking about the friends that I’ve lost,” he said.

Mr. Smith said he helped a co-worker hide in a corner with “some trash cans to cover her.” But he struggled to find cover himself, hiding behind another trash can but finding it “couldn’t really protect me,” he said.

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