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Charlottesville Can Remove Confederate Statues, High Court Rules

Virginia’s Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that the city of Charlottesville can remove statues of two Confederate generals, including one of Robert E....

Mississippi Will Remove ‘Misleading’ Language About Covid-19 Vaccine

Bobby Wayne, a retired reverend with prostate cancer and leukemia, had spent a week calling health agencies around his county in Mississippi, trying...

YouTube Won’t Remove a Video of the Colorado Shooting

YouTube said it will not remove a bystander video of the mass shooting on Monday at the King Soopers grocery store in Boulder,...

eBay to remove Dr. Seuss books over ‘hate and discrimination’ – but you can still buy Mein Kampf there — RT USA News

Six of Dr. Seuss’ books recently deemed offensive and pulled from publication will now not...

Twitter rejected pleas to remove child porn from platform because it didn’t ‘violate policies,’ lawsuit claims — RT USA News

A new lawsuit has accused Twitter of turning a blind eye to child pornography on...

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