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Sgt. Jon Edwards, Who Secured Crime Scene After George Floyd’s Death, Testifies in Chauvin Trial

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Witness testimony resumed Friday morning in the Derek Chauvin trial with Sgt. Jon Edwards of the Minneapolis Police Department taking the stand. Sergeant Edwards was sent to Cup Foods to secure the crime scene after police officers pinned George Floyd to the ground outside of the convenience store.

A Minneapolis native, Sergeant Edwards has been with the Minneapolis Police Department for over 10 years and serves in the department’s Third Precinct, which protesters burned last year in the wake of Mr. Floyd’s death. He is currently on leave.

Sergeant Edwards was part of the Police and Black Men project, facilitated by the University of Minnesota, which “seeks to develop relationships of honesty and trust in semiweekly meetings between a small group of police officers and African-American men,” according to the University’s website.

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