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Qantas plane tyre bursts after taking off from Brisbane Airport

Passengers have told of hearing a “loud bang” when a tyre burst on a Qantas flight taking off from Brisbane on Sunday.

Flight QF2512 left Brisbane Airport en route to Mackay just before 10am when a tyre burst during takeoff, with a recording revealing the moment the pilot asked Air Traffic Control for assistance.

“We may have done a tyre on takeoff, if we can get an inspection thanks,” he is heard saying on the radio.

Runway crew confirmed a tyre had burst, saying on the radio there was “rubber all down the left-hand side” of the runway.

In what was no doubt a nerve-wracking ordeal for passengers on board, the plane flew above the Sunshine Coast for 90 minutes before returning to Brisbane.

Shirley Kritzinger, who was on board, told 9NEWS: “As we were going down the runway there was a loud bang, as we almost took off, and we didn’t know what it was”.

The pilot reported on radio that crew saw a blown tyre on the left hand side of the plane.

A Qantas spokeswoman told the Courier Mail that all the airline’s Dash 8-400 aircraft had six tires and were able to land safely in the event of a blown tyre.

“The flight returned to Brisbane after takeoff due to an issue with one of the tyres and landed normally,” the spokeswoman said.


Qantas plane tyre bursts after taking off from Brisbane Airport 4
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