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Prison escapee Bodhi Johnson back behind bars after week on the run

A prison escapee has spent his first night back behind bars after almost a week on the run ended in his dramatic arrest in a Queensland park yesterday.

Bodhi Johnston, 23, was being hunted by police for close to a week after he managed to escape from a prison farm in Townsville on October 7.

The 23-year-old had been serving a six-year sentence for killing his friend in a car crash when he made a break for it.

But Johnston’s bid for freedom came to a dramatic end just before 12.30pm yesterday after he was spotted by members of the public and chased on foot.

Daniel Twigg was one local involved in the capture.

“As soon as I’ve seen him run through the yard, I’ve chased him. That’s about it. And with another younger fella, thank God he kept up with him. But we got him in the end, yeah,” he told 9 News.

“I didn’t like to hear that he’d escaped from jail so I’m glad that he’s back in jail — I just hope they put him in a better cell.”

Police had already been patrolling the area and quickly took the 23-year-old into custody.

Johnston was being hunted by dozens of Townsville locals after he allegedly stole the keys to a man’s Jeep and was then spotted driving erratically around the town.

The Jeep’s owner, Jason Holme, was inundated with sightings after he posted about the alleged theft on social media.

Mr Holmes later told 9 News the theft was particularly brazen as the keys were in his bedroom where he was asleep.

“They’ve actually had to reach over me to get my keys,” he said.

The group also went through Mr Holmes’ nephew’s room.

Locals filmed the Jeep speeding around Townsville, swerving around roads and being driven erratically.

In a statement, Queensland Police said “it is believed that the man was involved with a group of people who were driving stolen cars dangerously around Townsville earlier in the day”.

Johnston has been charged with escape lawful custody and trespass with further charges likely.

He is expected to appear in Townsville Magistrates Court today.


Prison escapee Bodhi Johnson back behind bars after week on the run 4
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