Friday, November 15, 2019
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Home Sport Michigan once again stumbles into the Bottom 10

Michigan once again stumbles into the Bottom 10

Bottom 10 inspirational thought of the week:

“I haven’t met anybody who’s invulnerable to a well-planted elbow in the groin.”
— Wolverine, “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”

Here at Bottom 10 Headquarters, located in a dark corner somewhere in the vastness of Jesse Palmer’s pocket square storage facility, we spend a lot of time watching superhero movies. When those movies are finished, we then spend even more time discussing what it would be like to be one of those superheroes. So much time that we currently owe $782.52 to Redbox for an “Iron Man 3” DVD that we rented six years ago.

Among those we love to talk about is Wolverine. The greatest of all X-Men has so much history. He’s ageless. He has seen so much. He hangs out with a genius professor. He has so much talent, strength and speed. He appears invulnerable. But sadly, he is not. Wolverine is a tortured man living in a nonstop loop of a nightmare, constantly injured and reinjured over and over, healing himself just in time to be injured and reinjured again. To make matters worse, those big hurts always come via the same small recurring handful of nemeses. In the end, Wolverine’s hopes and dreams die after battling an enemy modeled on what he was in his younger days, someone he once would have easily pushed around, and he is left to perish in a camp somewhere near the Canadian border.

The Wolverine wasn’t wearing khakis that fateful day in the forest, but the Wolverine at Camp Randall Stadium on Saturday was. And the end result for both didn’t feel much different.

With apologies to James Howlett and Steve Harvey, here’s this week’s Bottom 10.

Michigan once again stumbles into the Bottom 10 1

In Week 3, the Minutemen lost to Charlotte 52-17. In Week 4, they lost to Coastal Carolina 62-28. Meanwhile, Charlotte lost at Clemson 52-10. That means that as Coastal Carolina was landing back home in Myrtle Beach from Massachusetts on Saturday night, said beach was covered up in celebrating Clemson fans. Ah, the Circle of Life.

Michigan once again stumbles into the Bottom 10 2


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