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Jessica Rowe speaks after escaping after horror car fire

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TV star Jessica Rowe has thanked the “fast thinking” bus driver who first alerted her to a horror fire that had begun to engulf her car.

Frightening details have emerged of the incident where without the actions of the bystander, the outcome could have been “much more serious”.

The TV star was in shock and her daughter, Alegra, “inconsolable”, after they were forced to flee their burning Volvo on a busy main road on Thursday afternoon.

Last night, Rowe’s manager, David Wilson, told news.com.au “all is well at the Rowe Overton home tonight after a very dramatic afternoon that really rattled everyone.”

Celebrities including Tracy Grimshaw, Shane Jacobson, Chris Bath and Patti Newton have flocked to the veteran star’s Instagram page to send messages of support. Even UK celebrity Trisha Goddard said: “Bloody hell”.

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Rowe was outside her daughter’s school in Sydney’s eastern suburbs picking up the 14-year-old when the car suddenly caught ablaze on one of the major roads in the area, New South Head Road.

The incident occured at around 3.45pm when a school bus driver, Miev, initially saw smoke “billowing” from under the Volvo XC 60 and “jumped out of his bus” to flag down Rowe, urging her to escape the car.

Rowe and Alegra both fled and within minutes the car was completely engulfed in flames.

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Rowe’s husband, Channel Nine News anchor Peter Overton, “rushed” to be with his distraught family and was absent from the 6pm news Thursday night.

“Jess was saying to me earlier that if the school bus driver hadn’t jumped out of his bus and run over to Jess’ car and told them to get out right now it could have been a much more serious outcome,” Mr Wilson told news.com.au.

Rowe was grateful to Miev because when the car was engulfed, “they were now at a safe distance”.

“The whole family is so very grateful to him for his quick action and courage. Approaching a car that was clearly in serious trouble meant he was also at risk of putting himself in harms way, and that’s amazing.”

Images show the car completely burnt out after the vehicle was extinguished by firefighters on the scene. It was later towed away.

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Fire and Rescue and Ambulance, along with police, were at the scene. It is unknown what caused the fire.

“They’re all okay and they’re home now. There was a real fear that the car could’ve exploded,” Overton told 2GB.

“When Alegra rang me, just to see her absolute state of despair, that’s why I can’t wait to see her. I don’t care about the car.”

In her Instagram post on Thursday night, Rowe thanked Miev for his bravery, along with the police and paramedics who assisted at the scene.

“Mev got us out of the car, called the fire brigade, cleared the road and then stayed to drive us home,” Rowe said.

She also thanked the tow truck driver and the mums and dads who “stopped to help”. She ended the note with the hashtag #craphousewife.

Overton told 2GB he will “find out the bloke’s details and get in touch to give him a very big thank you”.

“Everyone at work could see that I was absolutely traumatised when I saw my 14-year-old on FaceTime absolutely inconsolable,” he said.

“I saw in the background the car ablaze.”

No injuries were reported.

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