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First Witness in Derek Chauvin Trial Is a 911 Dispatcher

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The first witness to take the stand in the murder trial of Derek Chauvin on Monday was Jena Scurry, a 911 dispatcher in Minneapolis who alerted a police supervisor in May after she watched officers pin George Floyd to the ground live on a surveillance camera.

Seemingly concerned by the officers’ actions, she had called the supervisor to say that officers “sat on this man” and asked whether they had notified the supervisor that they had used force.

“You can call me a snitch if you want to,” she said before relaying what she saw on the cameras by Cup Foods, the convenience store outside of which Mr. Floyd was arrested.

Prosecutors called Ms. Scurry to the stand, and they will most likely use her testimony to make a case that even Ms. Scurry, who works with law enforcement, was worried about how officers were treating Mr. Floyd. In his opening statement, Jerry W. Blackwell, one of the prosecutors, said Ms. Scurry had done something “she had never done in her career: She called the police on the police.”

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