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French artist @JR gave WWD an inside look at his work – including the project that some said would get him killed.⁣

JR is at the Brooklyn Museum in the days ahead of a major show, “Chronicles,” which surveys his complete body of work for the first time in North America. ⁣
JR challenged stereotypes by highlighting humanity through specificity.⁣

For “Face to Face” he and artist friend Marco photographed Israelis and Palestinians who worked in the same professions — two actors, two sculptors, two security guards, two teachers — again with each posing how they imagined the other would see them. The artists pasted the dual images on the wall. JR struck up conversations with people passing by as a cameraman documented; the viewers had trouble figuring out who was from where.⁣

“Only art can bring you to that complexity and paradox of things,” he says. “That made me realize that the people become the best spokesperson about the work because they’re from there. It really made me realize the power of the community and how they take the project forward,” he adds.⁣

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