Tuesday, November 19, 2019
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Donald Trump thanks Pentagon chief Mark ‘Esperanto’ for ‘securing oil’ in Syria, whatever that might mean — RT USA News

Donald Trump has fired off another typo-laden tweet, this time sharing a quote from his defense secretary, Mark “Esperanto.” The US president also doubled down on his belief that the US has “secured” Syria’s oil.

Trump wrote that the situation in Syria has stabilized, citing a statement from Defense Secretary Mark Esper in regards to the status of the fragile ceasefire between Turkish forces and Kurdish militias.

The Tweeter in Chief, however, had difficulty spelling Esper’s name. Another possibility: He fell victim to auto-correct.

As an added bonus, the message included another boast about how the United States had successfully “secured the oil” in Syria. Trump made a similar comment earlier this week, causing considerable confusion among pundits and journalists.

The US leader, not particularly known for his eloquence, has a history of botching names. In a tweet from last year, he referred to his wife Melania as “Melanie.”

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Donald Trump thanks Pentagon chief Mark ‘Esperanto’ for ‘securing oil’ in Syria, whatever that might mean — RT USA News 4
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