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Charlie Walk Files Lawsuit Against Attorney

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Within 24 hours, UMG informed news outlets that Walk had been placed on leave and that it had hired boutique New York firm Collazo Florentino & Keil to look into his behavior. A media feeding frenzy ensued. Though the findings of the investigation were never made public, the impression left was strong: Walk was guilty of #MeToo misconduct, according to an explosive lawsuit filed by the famed hit-maker against his former attorney, high-profile Trump pitbull Marc Kasowitz. The legal malpractice suit, filed Thursday in New York state court, says Kasowitz “botched” Walk’s representation and undermined his ability to clear his name, setting in motion his subsequent ousters from Republic and The Four.

“Perceiving Mr. Walk as too big to control, too expensive to keep, and not wanting to lose him to a rival such as Warner, UMG kneecapped him, so that it could both fire him, and make him unhireable by anyone else,” the suit says.

Three years after his career was derailed, Walk is seeking $60 million in damages. Though UMG is not a defendant, the suit — portions of which are redacted — says the music giant “willfully engaged in [Walk’s] public character assassination” and Kasowitz “passively cooperated with UMG, leaving Mr. Walk defenseless” and pressured the executive into signing a one-sided settlement agreement with UMG.

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