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Charles McMillian, Who Saw Police Pin George Floyd, Breaks Down on Stand

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Charles McMillian, 61, who saw the police trying to get George Floyd into the police car and begged him to cooperate, broke down in sobs as he watched video in court of Mr. Floyd calling for his mother. Mr. McMillian had to stop testifying, take off his glasses and wipe his eyes. “I couldn’t help but feel helpless,” he said.

Nearly every witness so far has cried at some point in their testimony, and not just because of the trauma of what they saw. Several have said they felt powerless to intervene as they watched a man die. In almost all cases, interfering with officers is itself a crime.

On Wednesday, that same stress started to impact the jury. The prosecution has shown the jury parts of the video multiple times every day of the trial. One juror interrupted the proceedings an hour into Wednesday’s session, motioning to the judge that she felt ill. The judge paused the trial citing the woman’s “stress-related reaction.” The 50-year-old woman told the judge that she was feeling shaky, but better, and that she had been having trouble sleeping.

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