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Capricorn Weekly Horoscope


Solo star or team player? You could ping between extremes this Monday, October 28, when the self-authorized Sun stations across the zodiac wheel from renegade Uranus. If you’ve been flying under the radar in a group, challenge yourself to be more engaged. That doesn’t mean you’ll automatically wind up being in charge, Capricorn—and yes, we know de facto leadership can happen for your capable sign. There’s no need to hide your light under a bushel because you’re afraid of being “shafted” with responsibility. Just play! If you’re already burdened, this refreshingly candid alignment can flip the script. Lean in to Uranus’ community-spirited vibes and get everyone into a huddle. Could you signal boost a fellow powerhouse? Make that introduction or post a glowing Tweet with a link to this person’s work. Romantically, the Sun-Uranus opposition can charge up an electrifying connection. You’ll be drawn to the Alphas and rockstars, which can be fun. But don’t pass over an enduring partner for the impossible quest of trying to tame a rebellious force of nature.

Community spirit fever strikes again on Wednesday, when clubby Mercury syncs up with Venus and really heats up your social networking center. The messenger planet is interested in everything, but as a result is easily bored. It’s a wide world out there, Capricorn, so don’t limit your free time to just a handful of people. Focus on different aspects of your personality, perhaps your more experimental or competitive side. Have fun exploring some new scenes or sampling activities that don’t require emotional commitment (like a wine club or indoor soccer league). Skip out on groups that feel too exclusive or cliquey. The eleventh house also rules technology, so take some time midweek to polish up your online presence. Un-tag yourself from unflattering photos or any posts that could adversely impact your professional standing. Have a talented friend snap a new profile pic for your feeds. Since Venus is the love planet, Wednesday’s digital influence could bring a lucky right swipe—or the fateful introduction to a potential bae who is a friend of a friend.

But act quickly! On Thursday, Mercury turns retrograde, backing up through Scorpio and that same zone of technology and community until November 20. Historically, things can go awry during this wonky time, so you may have to work harder to keep everyone’s eye on the right ball. Plan to have regular check-ins with your collaborators and make sure everything is documented in Slack threads with clear directives and due dates. Reunions can be powerful while Mercury is retrograde, although it’s impossible to tell if they’ll be more than just a nostalgic moment. If you want to get the band back together, start with a jam session instead of booking a tour. Data-wise, back up everything sensitive to password-protected storage, maybe on the cloud AND to an external hard drive. Print out the super important documents and put them somewhere safe (and that you’ll remember!). During this hazy cycle, relationships can get fuzzy, since Mercury can muck up your message. On the upside, you’ve got a perfect opportunity to review things before you submit them. The extra time and attention could reveal a detail you might have missed in haste.

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