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Boulder Shooting: What We Know About the Victims

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The whole family is in shock, particularly Ms. Olds’s grandmother, Mr. Olds said. “My mom was her mom,” he said. “My mom raised her.”

Lynn Murray, 62, a former photo director and mother of two, was at the grocery store on Monday filling an Instacart order, which she had enjoyed doing to help people since her retirement.

“She was an amazing woman, probably the kindest person I’ve ever known,” her husband, John Mackenzie, said in a phone interview. “Our lives are ruined, our tomorrows are forever filled with a sorrow that is unimaginable. She was one of the greatest people you’d ever want to know: hard working, loving and compassionate, caring, went out of her way to make sure everyone else had a smile on their face.”

Ms. Murray was a former photo director for several New York City magazines, including Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and Glamour, her husband said. The couple moved from New York in 2002, first to Stuart, Fla., then to Colorado, to raise their children.

“I just want her to be remembered as just as this amazing, amazing comet spending 62 years flying across the sky,” Mr. Mackenzie said. She is also survived by two children: Olivia, 24, and Pierce, 22.

While she was working at Condé Nast, Mr. Mackenzie said, Ms. Murray charmed the notoriously unfriendly man who served as the basis for the “Soup Nazi” character on Seinfeld. He took her to the back of the store and “showed her how everything was done, talked to her, and showed her all of his recipes and explained them all to her. He adored her.”

Ms. Murray was artistic, always drawing, doodling and painting, and designed Halloween costumes for her children, Olivia Mackenzie said.

“The most undeserving person to have to be shot down I can think of has to be my mother,” she said, “and I just wish it could have been me.”

Jack Begg and Susan C. Beachy contributed research.

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