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4.0 earthquake felt near Los Angeles, followed by several aftershocks — RT USA News

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Los Angeles, California was hit with a 4.0 magnitude earthquake on Monday as Californians slept. The earthquake was followed by several aftershocks.

California seismologist Dr. Lucy Jones claimed that the earthquake was around 20km deep and “would have been felt by most people awake in LA.”

As the earthquake was not particularly strong, and no damage was reported, Californians joked about the situation on social media.

“Mother nature didn’t need to have an earthquake at 4:44 am waking me up and everything,” tweeted one woman, while another user wrote, “Time to get the day started! You’re awake now, going back to bed would be for the WEAK! Get that coffee, start that DIY, do that project, answer your emails! You’ve got so much time today!”

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