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Aries Weekly Horoscope


Truth or dare, Aries? Make up your mind quick! Then share—or SHOW—what’s in your heart this Monday, September 28, as love planets Venus and Mars assemble into a courageous, free-flowing trine. Then, it’s back to business you go on Tuesday, as ambitious Saturn resumes forward motion in Capricorn and your success-obsessed tenth house after a frustrating five-month retrograde that began on May 11. During this annual timeout, you may have had to put a project on the back burner or temporarily scale it down. One of those irons you left in the fire could heat up again. And it may happen fast thanks to Tuesday’s dynamic Mars-Saturn square! Just make sure you plug in the GPS coordinates before you hit the gas. With Saturn forging ahead for the rest of the year, a string of green lights awaits you. Now, you’ll be able to get things moving—and more efficiently than ever before. Since the tenth house also rules experts, a helpful exec might step up to mentor you or make some key introductions. You’re more likely to succeed if you have a well-defined roadmap, and fortunately, planning is Saturn’s specialty. Take time to write out your top benchmarks for the rest of 2020, making sure that they’re challenging yet achievable!

Major epiphanies arrive this Thursday, October 1, when year’s only full moon in Aries brings your truth to light! No more ruminating about what to do next. A stalled personal situation could finally get off the ground—or move ahead in a clear direction, one that’s right for YOU. Big changes lie ahead, and while this may involve some painful goodbyes, you’re also opening the door to some exciting hellos. Once an idea catches fire, keep fanning the flames. To save time, money (and face!), roll it out slowly and make sure you’ve given it a proper test run. That said, don’t let perfectionism kill your enthusiasm.

Have self-care goals fallen by the wayside? That all changes this Friday, when radiant Venus grapevines into Virgo and activates your sixth house of healthy routines until October 27. Get back on the wagon and treat your body like the temple it is. Pleasure-seeking Venus wants you to luxuriate while you do this, whether you’re investing in monthly bodywork or upping your home spa and beauty game while you wait for the pandemic to pass. Since Venus is the planet of romance, apply a similar philosophy to your love life. Single Rams should prioritize qualities like “lives a healthy lifestyle” and “is grounded and well groomed.” Coupled Rams might hop on the wellness wagon together. When you’re cooking a romantic dinner, try a Paleo or vegan recipe. Pack the leftovers as a picnic and enjoy long dates along some scenic hiking trails.

On Sunday, metamorphic Pluto pivots out of retrograde, forward-marching through Capricorn and your career zone (alongside Jupiter and Saturn) for the rest of the year. Pluto’s pivot can bring transformation for your professional goals, and you’re 100 percent here for it! Since April 25, it’s been hard to determine the best, long-term course of action. Every move you pondered had an accompanying domino effect. People inquired and ghosted; opportunities took longer to spec out. As the dwarf planet straightens out, you can set new benchmark goals and step into a role of greater leadership. It’s safe to resume your job searching or go after those high-profile accounts. With Pluto blasting ahead for the next seven months, you’ll be back in your motivated mindset and able to make measurable (and profitable) progress!

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