Scare yourself silly with over 400 horror movies that cost $5 each


Fandango Now

Tomorrow is October, and so begins the creepiest month of the year. To celebrate, Fandango Now has put a few hundred of its scariest films on sale for $5 each (by my count, there are 411 horror films listed on the landing page). Yes, you can certainly rent Hellraiser for $3, but why bother when you can own it for $5?

This reminds me of a conversation Rick and I had on the Cheapskates Show podcast recently: At what point is it worth it to buy a movie rather than simply rent it? Well, here’s the tipping point. If you can own a movie for two bucks more than the rental, you’d be crazy not to choose to own it forever. If you’re interested, here’s that podcast episode, and the movie conversation begins just before the 14-minute mark:

This is a great opportunity to stock up on some scary movies to watch on or around Halloween. As I mentioned, there are over 400 movies on sale, but here are some of my personal picks:

If you see a theme, you might notice I am not a huge fan of gore, ghost stories or jump-scare horror films. But to each their own; there are a lot of other choices in this roundup, including Twilight, which I am pretty certain doesn’t even qualify as a horror movie. 

I was disappointed that one of my all-time favorite movies didn’t make the cut for the $5 list… Hey Fandango Now, you missed The Cabin in the Woods

You have until the end of October to grab a few of these $5 horror flicks. Enjoy! And if you have a minute to kill, sound off in the comments — what are your favorite horror movies? I’d like to know what to watch on Halloween this year. 

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