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MONTH OF September

August Snapshot
With the late-summer Sun in Virgo and your ninth house of exploration until Tuesday, September 22, you’ll be thinking big and feeling optimistic for the first three weeks of the month. Itchy feet are no surprise given how long we’ve all been under restrictions—but Capricorns will have an especially strong desire to grow and seek out and try new things.

Your mission: finding a way to broaden your horizons and really stretch yourself, even if you can’t actually travel right now. How about a Coursera certificate course from Stanford, Yale or Johns Hopkins—free until the end of September due to Covid-19? Maybe you’ll roll the dice on a startup business idea or start preparing yourself for an overseas bucket-list trip post-pandemic.

Brace yourself for friction on the home front starting Wednesday, September 9, when feisty Mars turns retrograde in Aries and your domestic fourth house until November 13. For the next two months, tension could rise under your roof with relatives and roommates. From prickly moods to stress over your living situation to political differences with loved ones, your personal life could be a minefield of triggers.

During the first half of September, all five slow-moving outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) are in powered-down retrograde, which could cause certain goals to progress at a snail’s pace. Four of these planets are in fellow earth signs—and three are in Capricorn—so you may have felt these backspins more than any sign. Since the spring, you’ve been dealing with irksome delays around personal goals and ambitions. On the upside, the retrogrades may have toned down some of the chaos of 2020. This year swept in with lots of big changes for you, and it’s been a lot to integrate!

As the month progresses, the outer planets begin to straighten out. Jupiter and Saturn turn direct on September 12 and 29 respectively, then Pluto in early October. All three of these heavy hitters are in YOUR sign, so get ready for major momentum to return to your passion projects! If you’ve been working on a creative debut, get your last tweaks and rehearsals in now. Where do you want to “go big” before the end of 2020?

Lucky Jupiter and ambitious Saturn are both in your sign until mid-December, a rare opportunity to expand and launch your grand plans. We know the future is wildly uncertain, but don’t allow worry to derail you now. Put some structure behind your starry-eyed visions, and you could end up with a sustainable venture that carries you through whatever’s ahead.

When the Sun moves into Libra for a month on Tuesday, September 22, you’re even MORE eager to get down to business. With el Sol heating up your tenth house of career and success (the “Capricorn house”), productivity picks up speed. Start to think long-term. Put a plan behind your blue-sky ventures and prioritize. Set your sights on a concrete goal and focus on that!

Week 1: September 1-6
Share your ideas

Speak up, Capricorn. On Wednesday, September 2, the annual Pisces full moon beams into your third house of communication and community. If you’ve got a message to share, an idea to pitch or an offer to blast to your audience, this is a great day to put the word out. Look back to the February 23 Pisces new moon for clues of what may come together now. Keep your devices charged because long-awaited news could arrive over the next two weeks.

The third house rules local affairs and neighborhoods, and yours could be in the spotlight. From the confusion of schools reopening mid-pandemic to the various phases of business closures, it’s been hard to establish a regular rhythm in your social life. This full moon can help you figure out the right way for YOU to handle interpersonal matters this fall, from picking your “quarantine pod” to effectively working with colleagues via Zoom to joining up with other families for co-schooling kids.

Feeling overwhelmed by all the planning and coordinating? The Pisces full moon prompts you to start asking questions instead of trying to be the ever-responsible problem solver. Turn to Nextdoor message boards, webinars and social media groups for fresh ideas. Or call up a few people grappling with the same questions and put your heads together. With the full moon in your kindred-spirits zone, you could forge new friendships by doing so.

Week 2: September 7-13
Domestic drama, passion projects ignite

Home has been a heat zone since June 27, when activator Mars first blazed into Aries and your domestic fourth house for an extended six-month stay. For some Capricorns, there’s been friction under your roof—and no surprise, given how many people are working from home or spending much more time cooped up with the same cast of characters.

From September 9 to November 13, Mars will decelerate in low-power retrograde, which could either crank up the crankiness or prompt you to make important household changes you’ve been putting off. A deep clean and declutter is always a good idea, and with cooler temperatures around the corner, you’d be wise to create zones in your living quarters where everyone can be productive and also de-stress. It could take some real innovation (and maybe a few HGTV binges) to carve up the space properly. If you live alone, make sure you also delineate zones for both work and relaxation.

If you’ve been stuffing down your true feelings, they could bubble up uncontrollably now. Watch out for mood swings and passive-aggressiveness during Mars retrograde as your tendency will be to swallow your anger. A fast-moving emotional connection could simmer down, and you might hear from a former love or a family member who always pushed certain buttons. Instead of opening the door to conflict again, this could be your cue to diplomatically and directly get to the root of this, already.

Besides, you don’t have TIME for drama, much less to fight over who has to take a Zoom call from the bedroom. On Saturday, September 12, expansive Jupiter cancels its four-month retrograde in Capricorn, sending your personal projects zooming ahead to the promised land! Between now and December 19, it’s all systems go on your passions, new initiatives and most important dreams.

The spotlight could land on you, whether you’re looking for it or not. Make sure you’re ready for your close-up: wardrobe, hair, whatever glam fits your “lewk.” It’s time to stop talking and thinking about it…just do it! After December, Jupiter won’t return to your sign for more than a decade, so take full advantage of this auspicious cosmic cycle.

Week 3: September 14-20
Start something big

If last week’s good Jupiter news weren’t enough inspiration, you’ve got more cosmic encouragement to supersize your goals. On Wednesday, September 17, the year’s only Virgo new moon beams into your ninth house of expansion, long-distance travel and entrepreneurship. This will kick off a six-month growth cycle that unfolds between now and February 27, 2021, Virgo full moon.

While real-world travel is limited, you can still forge long-distance connections virtually (or make tentative vacation plans for 2021 if there’s a liberal refund policy). La luna could bring opportunities to teach and expand your knowledge base through education or to get started on the launch of an indie business idea. Is it time to take a closer look at hosting sites like Buzzsprout, Captivate or Podbean—and take a stab at that internationally relevant podcast you’ve been dreaming of? Explore every option without limiting yourself today. The point is to spread your wings into new terrain and stretch beyond your comfort zone. Exciting discoveries await!

Week 4: September 21-30
Taking care of business

And…action! Up until this week, there’s been plenty of time to dream, but now the stars shift into action mode. On Tuesday, September 22, the Sun shifts into Libra, electrifying your tenth house of career, structure and success. You’re ready to make a master plan and start delegating duties to the troops. And you want to know where you’re heading, how you’ll get there and by when.

That course will get even easier to plot on Tuesday, September 29, when your ruling planet, Saturn, straightens out in Capricorn, ending a retrograde that commenced on May 11. This is the final leg of Saturn’s journey through your sign, which began back in December 2017, and will end this December 17, 2020. After that, the planet of discipline and dues-paying won’t return to your sign until 2047.

Use the next three months to make sure your personal goals are set up to realistically flourish. Where do you need more structure, support or skills? Tap a seasoned expert to mentor you, hire a coach and work with qualified people only. Cutting corners will cost you more in the long run. As Capricorns intuitively know, anything worth doing is worth doing right!

But be careful: That very same day (September 29), Saturn will lock into a heated square with Mars in your emotional and domestic fourth house. There could be a clash around reconciling your living situation with your goals. Or demands of a family member (perhaps a school-age child or a person who relies heavily on you) could derail some progress. This is the second Mars-Saturn square in a month, repeating one that happened on August 24. Take this as your cue to set firm boundaries so you can make sure your people have what they need—but not at the expense of your progress and goals!


Thanks to the annual visit of vixen Venus to Cancer and your seventh house of committed partnerships (where she’s been since August 7), certain key dynamic duos have been getting a boost—and will continue to until Venus departs on September 6. Some Caps may have taken, or are preparing to take, a significant next step or met someone with long-term potential. All good news! And when the love planet tarries on, things can get even steamier.

On September 6, Venus plunges into passionate Leo and your intimate, seductive eighth house. Regardless of your relationship status, you’ll want to shuffle your schedule to leave as much room as possible for sexytime (even if the seduction happens screen-to-screen for a while). Single? This soulmate power surge can make it easier to attract someone who’s “the whole enchilada.” This is not the time to settle for an average bear. If someone doesn’t captivate your mind, body AND soul, keep it moving. No chemistry, no time wasted experimenting in the lab!

Meantime, hale and hearty Mars is keeping the home fires burning during his lengthy trip through Aries and your domestic fourth house (June 27 to January 6). If you’ve got a warm body to nuzzle with, you probably don’t need tips from us. Single Sea Goats might want to entertain (safely) and invite close friends to bring an unattached eligible—or at least, to make an online intro. It’s a good time for a deep boudoir declutter for all Caps. This can clear stagnant energy and make room for something new and stimulating.

Note: Mars will turn retrograde for two months on September 9, which can shorten tempers, churn up intense emotions and make you hypersensitive and a little too quick to react. If you don’t deal with your feelings, you may feel like a storm is brewing inside you. You might get defensive—or go on the offensive, which is not a good tactic now (or really, ever). Remove yourself from the fray and distract yourself with work or a deep-cleaning project.

A day to look forward to is September 28, when Venus and Mars form their annual congenial trine, which can call a truce on any bickering or sweep in a new love interest. You can make serious headway dealing with old fears and trust issues, perhaps stemming from a childhood sense of abandonment, but there’s no magic wand. You have to be willing to set aside any angst, become vulnerable and talk it through. The emotional closeness you gain could send you racing to the bedroom!

Key Dates:
September 2: Venus-Saturn opposition

Should you double down on boundaries or compromise to keep the peace? Today’s push-pull between withholding Saturn and people-pleasing Venus will yank you between extremes. Make sure you aren’t overextending yourself for the benefit of your partner (or a date). But don’t be so hardcore that the object of your affections is afraid to approach you.


Start spreading the news—and your wings! With the Sun in Virgo and your outspoken ninth house until September 22, you’re eager to share a message and venture into new terrain. Bold risks can pay off, especially at the September 17 Virgo new moon. Where could you stretch out of your comfort zone? A long-distance client or an opportunity to teach and publish your expertise could help put your name on the global map.

Kindred spirits could pop out of the woodwork at the September 2 Pisces full moon, which illuminates your third house of communication and ideas. Could you put your head together with a person whose skills complement yours? Let the synergies spark! Send out an email blast or post updates on your social media. If you’re looking for new work opportunities, use those channels to tap your network. Chances are, someone in your circle could have a great connection. Ask them to make an intro and see where things go!

When lucky Jupiter zooms out of retrograde in Capricorn on September 12, stalled ventures pick up speed. They’ll start to take shape on September 29, when structured Saturn also powers forward. And you’ll have a whole month of ambitious energy starting September 22, when the Sun enters Libra, heating up your career zone until October 22. Make the most of it!

Key Dates:
September 3: Mercury-Saturn trine

Level up! Your grandest schemes may benefit from a solid structure. Shrewd Mercury in your visionary ninth house teams up with sensible Saturn in your sign, helping you lay the groundwork. Before you get too far into development, form a group of “beta testers” to see if this has what it takes to succeed. If the first pass isn’t flawless, you’ll have some feedback for how to improve. Afraid of the critics? Run through every possible objection and prepare your counterpoints. When it comes time to pitch, you’ll be able to speak with confidence and authority.

Love Days: 7, 12
Money Days: 18, 27
Luck Days: 17, 23
Off Days: 10, 14, 22

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