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August Snapshot

Relationships of every stripe are the main event for Water Bearers this August. From family to friends, work commitments to the need to rebalance off-kilter dynamics: This is your month to get things back on track.

The Sun will be in Leo until August 22, heating up your seventh house of partnerships and mutuality. After that, it will slip into Virgo for a month, turning your attention to intimacy, merging and joint ventures. Things could get officially official, or, if you’re in a longtime business or romantic union, you could do some much-needed work recalibrating the behind-the-scenes action of your relationship.

The way people share time, space and energy has been a huge topic of 2020, courtesy of pandemic pandemonium and quarantines. Most people feel wildly out of their usual groove (witness the skyrocketing calls to divorce lawyers from China to the U.S.!). As a future-forward zodiac sign, who better to lead the charge in redefining the way we “do” relationships? Get creative and design an arrangement that works for you and anyone with whom you share space or responsibilities.

Speaking directly and diplomatically will be key as assertive Mars spends the rest of the year blazing through Aries and your communication house. In fact, this extended visit from the red planet makes it impossible NOT to voice your authentic feelings and opinions. Combative Mars can also make you a bit blunt and aggressive, so be sure to consider others’ needs in the equation. But you don’t have to tiptoe around the truth—nor should you.

One thing to watch for here is that Mars will get ensnared in tense squares with three planets in Capricorn—and your twelfth house of healing, transitions, and codependence. You might grow overly concerned with how others feel about your openness, which could impede important conversations. Navigating the fine line between being sensitive and suppressing yourself will be a tricky proposition. Don’t expect to solve anything in a single conversation.

Mars in your communication sector is bound to turn up the dial on your social life. But Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in your restful twelfth house could lead to information overload and burnout if you don’t pace yourself. Make safe time for friends—but also make sure you get ample rest and solitude.

Week 1: August 1-9
The Aquarius full moon brings a peak moment

The week begins with a major moment on Monday, August 3, as the year’s only Aquarius full moon beams into your first house of self and solo endeavors. You could receive big news about a personal project you’ve been working on since the Aquarius new moon on January 24. If you’ve been looking to make an important change in your life, this could be the day you finally go for it!

But watch out: This special moon will be sideswiped by your ruling planet, disruptive Uranus, in your domestic and thin-skinned fourth house. As the fullclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” moon and Uranus lock into an embattled square , volatility at home can surge. You may get emotional or fearful about making a much-needed change, or your assertive words could be charged with too much intensity.

Are insecurity and self-doubt derailing your dreams? Or have you overlooked an important consideration? Before you leap into a new opportunity, think about how it will impact those closest to you. We recommend using the 10-10-10 decision-making principle created by author Suzy Welch. Think about how any choice you’re pondering could play out in ten minutes, ten months and ten years.
Keep strong filters on this Tuesday, August 4, as outspoken Mars in your communication zone forms a volatile square with bombastic Jupiter in your twelfth house of hidden agendas. Suppressed communications could come rushing out. While clearing the air can be good, don’t abandon tact and diplomacy! Agree to ground rules before initiating “open dialogue,” or things could go off the rails.
Heroic Mars and can-do Jupiter have you raring to tackle a big problem. But are your efforts really helping? Be willing to wave the white flag before wasting your day on an impossible mission. And think twice before airing any “true confessions” on social media. While you might feel liberated by sharing a painful secret, not everyone can be trusted to handle this information compassionately. The last thing you need is to be trolled when you put yourself out there vulnerably.

Week 2: August 10-16
Inside voice, please?

Watch those words! As volatile Mars and Pluto clash on Thursday, August 13, suppressed feelings could boil over like a dormant volcano erupting. Aggressive Mars in your communication house will tempt you to speak without thinking—a short-term fix that will offer seeming relief (at least you got that off your chest!). But with vengeful, calculating Pluto in your passive-aggressive twelfth house, someone could SAY they’re okay with your honesty and then hold a grudge or take retaliatory actions. Maybe they already have a storehouse of anger brewing toward you?

Clear the air of resentments and withheld communications today if you can, but know that people are probably not going to be forthcoming with their true feelings. You may need to table the discussion for a couple weeks or even ask a third party to mediate.

On Saturday, August 15, things simmer down a bit as your ruling planet, Uranus, starts its annual five-month retrograde. The celestial shock jock will back through Taurus and your fourth house of home, family and foundations. If you’ve felt a shake-up at Chateau Aquarius all year, it’s not just fallout from the pandemic and quarantine. Disruptive Uranus has been turning everything in your private life inside-out and upside-down since March 2018!

Your relationship with your mom or an important female relative may have gone through a lot of chaos. Or you may be questioning your living situation, looking at new arrangements or locations. Home swap? RV living? Communal schooling? Anything goes now.

As Uranus slows down until January 14, you can pause and reflect before impulsively shaking up your secure base. Watch for moodiness, especially if you’re dealing with old feelings that you’ve swept under the rug. If your emotions fluctuate wildly, get support. Ramp up your self-care and initiate a fitness practice (YouTube yoga or #kettlebell TikTok stream, anyone?) to keep yourself grounded.

Week 3: August 17-23
Relationships power up

On Tuesday, August 18, the year’s only new moon in your commitment zone emphasizes your relationships. Are you ready to make things official with the person you’ve been “casually” dating? A partner might want to talk about next steps. See how things unfold in the next two weeks. New moons can take up to six months to fully manifest. Someone you meet near this date may turn out to have long-term keeper potential: You’ll find out between now and late January 2021.
As the Sun enters domestic Virgo and your eighth house of merging on Saturday, August 22, it’s time to slip into your cocoon for some privacy and intimate bonding. You’ll feel ready for a deep dive into your emotions, a work project that requires intense concentration or a sizzling new relationship. You may also crave more alone time now, and your moods could be prickly. Don’t force yourself to be “on” for other people.

An important connection might be going through a metamorphosis. Let yourself be vulnerable and talk openly about your feelings in a safe space, perhaps with the help of a trusted neutral party like a coach or therapist. There’s no shame if you need help making sense of these powerful and complicated feelings!

Week 4: August 24-31
Putting bad feelings to bed—at last

Impetuous Mars makes its final face-off on Monday, August 24, a tense aspect you’ll feel all week. This time, the rash red planet chafes against cautious Saturn in your twelfth house of closure and hidden agendas. Getting a straight answer from anyone could be an exercise in futility. You may feel like you’re driving with one foot on the gas, the other on the brake. But if you try to force your agenda by being pushy, it will bring a swift backlash.
Is a decision maker being vague with their answers? Don’t steamroll them—but don’t feel like you have to just accept noncommittal responses. See if you can get them to plainly state their concerns and hesitations. Maybe this isn’t the right fit for them, or perhaps they just need a better understanding of what you’re offering. If you’re the one on the fence, find out where you feel unsure or conflicted—then get the information you need to make a clear choice.

Is it time to finally assert your boundaries to someone, even if it’s with compassion? Or might you be the one not fully respecting someone else’s “no, thank you”? Check yourself and make sure you haven’t behaved in any shady or manipulative ways.

With Saturn in your foggy, indirect twelfth house, you may just have to wait to get a clear picture. Could you perhaps commit to revisit this at a later date? If you find yourself getting anxious, tap into some spiritual tools and practices: Om-time, anyone?


Romance, interrupted? There’s been good news and challenges for your love life in 2020. On the upside: Amorous Venus has been enjoying an extended visit to your passionate and romantic fifth house since April 3, and you’ll have the first week of August to squeeze every last drop out of it before she moves on.

The downside? Well, this long romantic boon happened during a pandemic—and included a signal-scrambling Venus retrograde from May 13 to June 25. An ex may have resurfaced, or old drama could have given you second thoughts about your love life’s longevity. Maybe there was an attraction to someone new while you were “previously engaged,” making you feel confused about which direction to pursue.

Venus is back on track now and wrapping up its annual tour of Gemini on August 7. After that, the love planet heads into Cancer and your healthy, sensible sixth house. You’ll finally start thinking with your head and not just your heart (or your hormones!). This balanced new POV can help you make smarter choices or take things one day at a time, especially if every decision has felt momentous.

Venus in this wellness-minded zone will point you toward self-care, eating more healthfully and exercising, something that may be sorely needed after the long trek through your hedonistic fifth house. Coupled Aquarians might be inspired to work out, cook or tackle a household project together.

Meantime, passionate Mars is spending the rest of the year in Aries and your social, communicative third house. Sparks could fly with a friend or someone you meet online between now and January 6. Couples may clear the air with some difficult but necessary dialogue. Try not to be too brusque or impatient as edgy Mars can make you come on strong. And if Mars does rev up the passion? Take this discussion to the bedroom, stat!

Key Dates:
August 25: Venus-Jupiter opposition

Test the waters before you dive into the deep end. It’s tempting to plunge, but magnifying Jupiter in your foggy twelfth house could make it hard to see the situation clearly. Can you enjoy the feeling of being swept off your feet while still keeping at least a couple toes on terra firma? It’s a fine balance, but staying calm will reveal if this partnership has long-term potential. If you’re in a relationship, resist the urge to try to “fix” every problem in one fell swoop. Think twice before you bring up a laundry list of issues.


Go for the gold, Aquarius! The August 3 Aquarius full moon beams into your first house of solo victories, putting the spotlight on you. A passion project or personal goal you began at the January 24 new moon might finally come together. Long-awaited answers could arrive. If you’re ready to make an important change, this could be the day you finally go for it!

Relationships are a primary focus all month. The key to success lies in speaking directly (with kindness and diplomacy) as assertive Mars spends the rest of 2020 blazing through Aries and your communication house. Balancing your need to “speak freely” without treading on people’s turf or feelings will be important to monitor.

When your ruling planet, tech-savvy Uranus, turns retrograde on August 15, the next five months could find you working more at home again. Carve out a proper office space, especially if you’ll have noisy Zoom calls or need a quiet area to concentrate. Make sure to get plenty of screen breaks. A home-based business idea you put on the back burner could heat up between now and January 14. When the Sun moves into Virgo and your eighth house of joint ventures, you might find a partner or investor eager to help make your cottage industry into an empire. Explore the options, but make sure you check their credentials and trustworthiness before diving into any binding arrangement.

Key Dates:
August 1: Mercury-Pluto opposition

Fact or fear? It could be hard to discern whether you’re being paranoid today as inquisitive Mercury’s opposition to shady Pluto sparks your suspicions. The cosmic messenger is in your fact-finding sixth house while Pluto is transiting your twelfth house of hidden agendas. Go ahead and play detective, but don’t rush to conclusions without gathering all the intel.

Love Days: 13, 18
Money Days: 24, 5
Luck Days: 22, 3
Off Days: 15, 20, 28

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