Ulta Beauty Announces It Won’t Open in Canada This Year



Really sorry to have to ruin your Tuesday with this news beauty lovers but Ulta Beauty has announced it is postponing its expansion into Canada.

Last year, the American beauty giant announced it was planning to offer both brick-and-mortar and a local e-commerce function in Canada for the first time. It was expected that both would open during 2020. The move – celebrated by all beauty junkies in the country – would have marked the brand’s first international expansion, however, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced the company to re-evaluate its plans.

According toΒ WWD, expansion into Canada will be put on hold until mid-2021. In a statement, the company said it anticipates that the COVID-19 pandemic will β€œcreate new real estate opportunities” that will ultimately support their goal of expanding across the US and into Canada. As recently as March, the company had originally planned to open 75 stores this year, but will instead now only open 30, all based in the States.

The company offered no further information as to expected dates or locations of its Canadian stores. For now, you can still shop Ulta’s extensive offering via its US site as shipping to Canada is available. Stay tuned for more updates.


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