Virgo Weekly Horoscope


WEEK OF June 22 – 2 8, 2020

Your most important bonds come under the microscope starting Tuesday, June 23 when dreamy Neptune backstrokes into its annual five-month retrograde. Even if relationships have taken on a fairy-tale sheen, it’s important to wipe the pixie dust out of your eyes and clearly examine the state of these unions. How’s the balance of power, the flow of generosity? As the sign of service, you have a propensity for giving (and giving and giving) till it hurts. Let us remind you, Virgo, that pain is never a good thing in a partnership; in fact, overgiving can lead to resentment and passive aggressiveness. If things aren’t even close to equal, correct that between now and November 28. But first, do some unblinking internal reflection. Why ARE you doing so much for others? Is it about something deeper than simply caring, Virgo? And while you’re at it, look at the consequences of those actions. Do they make others appreciate you more? Sadly, not really. You CAN break this cycle. Start by saying no to anything that drains you or simply doesn’t do much to fill your happiness tanks. Then, work on being better at receiving. Saying yes to the kindness of others doesn’t make you weak or dependent on them; in fact, your receptivity might be the very thing that brings the relationship back into balance.

Widen your viewfinder on Thursday, when Venus resumes forward motion after being retrograde in your future-oriented tenth house since May 13. Goals may have gotten shuttled to the backburner as you were forced to deal with, ugh, other people’s agendas. But now you can get back on track with your own and blast full speed ahead. Crank up the PR machine and work those social media channels. Whether online or at a safe social distance, networking for professional purposes will advance your ambitions while Venus powers forward through Gemini until August 7. You’ll need to be “on,” whether pitching a new client or keeping the wheels greased with business contacts. And because Venus is still the love planet no matter where she goes, you may have a fresh perspective on romance. Perhaps you’ve had your share of dabbling and are ready to start thinking about the long haul. If you’re in a relationship, do you know how your partner feels about such “trifles” as marriage, kids and where to live? Isn’t it time to find out? Over the coming week, conversations could take a turn for the serious—though you may be the one to initiate them. Single Virgos may feel like playing for keeps; if that’s the case, stop giving obvious players or commitmentphobes the time of day. Keeping the bar high will let the world know you mean business. Venus’ right-turn could make other tough subjects easier to broach now, like money and bills and sharing household responsibilities. Have you and your S.O. been thinking about becoming business partners? Get some ideas on paper and do some research in earnest. You might launch an exciting co-production before Venus moves on this August 7.

Intimate relations get another bump up to high-priority status starting Saturday, thanks to the arrival of energizer bunny Mars in trail-blazing Aries and your “set to sizzle” eighth house. All manner of mergers—whether joint ventures or emotional permabonding—burst full-speed ahead over the coming six-plus months. This could affect your personal or professional life, or both, and you’ll have this energy at your behest for longer than usual. Mars usually hovers in a single zodiac sign for seven weeks, but because the red planet is going retrograde from September 9 to November 13, it will chill in Aries for FOUR times its usual spell, until January 6, 2021. Regardless of who you’ve cast in the movie of your life, the lesson here is to find win-wins. Your passion is at a fever pitch, so don’t squander it on watered-down compromises. Negotiate the contract terms you want; put your partnership on the fast track to commitment (or whatever your goals for it are). To achieve victory, you need an abundance mentality. This Martian cycle is a stellar time for buying an investment property or finding some new passive-income streams. How about setting up a Poshmark store to sell some of that expensive excess that’s cluttering your closet? Of course Mars in your lusty eighth house is as much about pleasure as it is about business. Your love life could get downright steamy, especially behind closed doors. But if you want to avoid a dangerous liaison, reserve your erotic charms for people who are free and clear to return them.

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