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You’ve got people to see and places to go—and if you have to do it virtually or from a six-foot distance, so be it. The first three weeks of this month spark up your social side and fill you with creative ideas. Until May 20, the Sun is paying its annual visit to Taurus and your third house of communication and community. You’re craving the company of kindred spirits, a change of scenery and something to Instagram besides your latest home-cooked meal or grown-out highlights. (Yawn!)

Find a way to infuse variety into your days however you can. Writing, teaching and educational projects get a boost during Taurus season. Feed your hungry mind some new ideas with podcasts and audiobooks. Take a drive or a socially distanced walk with a friend and let yourself vent. Learn a new hobby or skill. We know this sounds ripped straight from a generic “10 Tips for Quarantine Survival” blog, but this is what the stars prescribe. Intellectual outlets and great conversations will help this surreal time go by faster.

Cabin fever may hit hard at the May 7 Scorpio full moon, which beams into your ninth house of travel, growth and adventure. You’re itching for new vistas and wider horizons—to escape the familiar any way you can. We won’t insult you by suggesting a staycation, Pisces, unless there’s some way to make it feel different than putting lipstick on a “shelter-in-place” pig.

Is there an entrepreneurial idea or an area of personal growth you’ve been working on since last fall? This full moon marks a big turning point. A budding business can turn into a reality, or you might pivot in a new direction. A publishing, media or podcasting project could attract buzz. While you might not be able to hop on a plane today, you could score a great vacation deal for early 2021—and if there’s a flexible cancelation and refund policy, why not go for it? At least you’ll have those beachfront days to look forward to, Pisces. (Keeping a Fish out of water is cruel and unusual punishment!)

You’ll be glad you got a few concrete plans in place because on May 11, retrograde high season begins. Three planets—structured Saturn, amorous Venus and expansive Jupiter—will begin their backspins, which could slow down or snag anything under their jurisdiction. While news of a retrograde can be unsettling, many people don’t realize that the slow-moving outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) are retrograde for four to five months every year.

Venus will reverse through Gemini and your fourth house of home and family. As if there’s not enough friction with the people under your roof already, diplomatic Venus going rogue can make you snap. Even the most patient Pisces are still emotional sponges and highly sensitive to their environments. You may reach your absolute fill of someone else’s quirks, tics, neediness and irritating ways. If you’re a parent, Venus retrograde could push you over the verge, so PLEASE make self-care and breaks from your bambinos mandatory.

Venus is the planet of romance, and during this rear-facing transit, people from your past can come out of the woodwork. Don’t be surprised if your thoughts sentimentally drift to an ex…or you’re suddenly contacted by a nostalgic former flame. Be careful not to let your tugged-on heartstrings cloud your better judgment. You might settle a conflict with a relative, more likely a female one. Is it time to bury the hatchet? Give it a try if the time and conditions feel right. On the other hand, you might choose to take some real space apart if you can’t reach a place of mutual respect.

With beautifying Venus in your homey fourth house, you can finally complete a decorating or renovation project that’s been calling your name. Got a room in need of an update or furniture that’s fraying? Give it a sprucing-up but don’t commit to anything costly or irreversible. Your normally spot-on style radar could falter while aesthetic Venus vacates the building. (Yup, that sunflower-yellow kitchen looks like a bad jar of baby food, not the cheery “steal this look” from your fave HGTV show.) A DIY project, like subway-tiling a backsplash, could turn into a disaster. Easy does it, Pisces! Start with a Pinterest account or a mood board and consider waiting until after Venus turns direct to implement.

On May 11, structured Saturn turns retrograde until September 29, splitting its backspin through Aquarius (until July 1) and Capricorn (from July 1 on). Feeling cut off or isolated? On March 21, Saturn shifted into Aquarius and your twelfth house of healing, rest and closure—a three-year visit that last happened from 1991 to 1994. More than any other sign, you may be feeling the heaviness and alienation of the pandemic. Deep emotions and even grief could come up, taking you by surprise. You weren’t prepared for these feelings AT ALL (who was, really?), much less the massive weight that descended on you. As Saturn settles into this phase, the intensity will level off, but you’re probably entering May a bit shaken or unsettled from that initial gut punch.

Are you in need of a legitimate retreat? Saturn’s quiet move to this solemn and spiritual zone can make summer 2020 feel like a visit to an ashram or a monastery. As the ruler of the zodiac’s twelfth house, you might actually find your groove here. If you abandoned a practice like yoga or meditation or have an artistic talent to cultivate, Saturn retrograde can be a powerful time to dive back in. Mastery can be achieved with discipline and dedication, so play the long game. Where would you like to be a year from now or (if you can think this far ahead) when Saturn moves into Pisces in March 2023?

But you’ll probably have to establish a few clear boundaries to really commit to this path. Saturn’s backspin can bring draining and demanding people into your orbit. Your Piscean coping mechanisms and codependent tendencies could find you drifting into unhealthy patterns like enabling bad behavior or self-soothing with alcohol, food and other vices. If you’ve battled a mental or physical well-being issue, make sure you have a solid support system in place as Saturn retrograde can reveal where further healing is still needed.

You may decide to voluntarily distance yourself from a few people after May 14, when philosophical Jupiter turns retrograde in Capricorn and your eleventh house of groups and friends. The pandemic has shown you a side of certain folks that you’re less than fond of, Pisces. Maybe it’s a character issue (deal breaker), or perhaps they’re just too exhausting right now. Take a break and focus on the supportive and inspiring ones. Old friendships may rekindle since retrogrades can bring back people from your past.

The eleventh house also rules technology, and if you’re feeling some version of “Zoom fatigue,” put your screen use on summer hours and scale back. A digital detox will pay dividends, especially when old-school Saturn slips back into Capricorn, making you crave IRL delights. Spin some vinyl instead of blasting the MP3s. Read a hard-cover book instead of swiping through your Kindle app. Take a walk and talk on the phone instead of using video chat, which keeps you sitting in one place bottlenecks your energy.

You’ll settle into more of a domestic flow—whether you have to or not—on May 20 when the Sun shifts into Gemini and your fourth house of home and family. With Venus retrograde here, start making real changes under your roof. That could involve a different cast of characters (bye, toxic roommate!) or a summer decor revamp (helloooo, lightweight linens and outdoor pillar candles).

Your relationship with your mom, a child or an important woman could be in the spotlight now. Make a special effort to strengthen this bond, especially at the May 22 Gemini new moon, which brings fresh-start energy to this maternal realm. Thinking of moving, buying a home or expanding your family? Between now and the November 30 Gemini full moon—which will also be a potent lunar eclipse—those plans could develop into something concrete. With so much uncertainty in the world now, it sounds odd to think about doing anything so permanent. But during this six-month window, explore what a happy home and hearth look like to you—and move in that direction any way you can.


As if home weren’t already tricky enough for most people (get me outta these four walls!), with Venus now on an extended tour through Gemini and your domestic quarters from April 3 to August 7, it becomes a focal point. But the astrological aesthete can bring some lovely moments of connecting or appreciating your abode. Beautifying projects also help pass the time.

Yet when the love planet turns retrograde from May 13 to June 25, it could put further strain on partners and paramours alike. Not what anyone needs in the midst of a global pandemic—yet we’ll all have to get through this together. Venus turns retrograde for about six weeks every 18 months, a challenging time for relationships. A nosy family member could meddle with unsolicited advice. Old tension resurface for couples who live together. Are you really fighting about the dishes or the trash…or something else? Resentments can linger because our normal stores of patience and diplomacy are MIA. Since retrogrades can bring back the past, you might hear from an ex or two, or experience the resurgence of an issue you thought was resolved.

Meanwhile, the other love planet, Mars, will split the month between two signs. With the lusty one trekking through Aquarius and your sleepy twelfth house from March 30 to May 12, your mojo might be taking a nap, especially with Venus in Gemini and your homey fourth house. Here’s a question—and we’re not judging: Have you worn anything without an elastic waistband for weeks?

But once Mars blazes into your sign from May 12 to June 27, it’ll bring sexy back with a vengeance! While this cycle DOES overlap with Venus retrograde, there could still be some spicy moments, perhaps with an ex. Or, you’ll enjoy a rekindled sense of how badass and desirable you really are. That’s more like it!

Key Dates:
May 3: Venus-Neptune square

Just because you’re feeling the love, that doesn’t mean common sense will prevail. As dreamy Neptune and star-struck Venus butt heads, your overblown emotions could overpower all logic. Don’t ignore the red flags—but don’t rush to conclusions either. If you have a nagging feeling that someone’s being a little dishonest, observe but don’t act for a day or two. The truth will surface.


Put yourself out there, Pisces! Your mind is abuzz with ideas to share this month, while the Sun moves through your communicative third house until May 20. Even if restrictions and social distancing still apply, you’ve got a network that’s probably largely untapped. Call in favors or do some brilliant brainstorming, especially at the May 7 Scorpio full moon, when your visionary side is powered up.

Go-getter Mars zooms into your sign from May 12 to June 27, revving your ambitions but also adding pressure. You may feel like all the stress is on your shoulders (and that could be accurate). Make sure to spread some of that load around to others, especially when structured Saturn and expansive Jupiter turn retrograde (backward) from mid-May until late September. You’ll discover the limits of what you can do alone—and where weak links or energy leaks need to be corrected on Team Pisces. Tough as it is to ask people to step up, it’s time to get real. There’s a mission to complete!

Key Dates:
May 9: Mercury-Pluto trine

Tap into the power of your network today. With potent Pluto and messenger Mercury in an auspicious alignment, a mastermind could take your ideas to a whole new level. Play superconnector and make a strategic intro of two influential friends. Test the waters to see if a savvy contact will recommend you for a coveted gig.

Love Days: 25, 3
Money Days: 9, 18
Luck Days: 7, 15
Off Days: 28, 5

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