Save $400 on Eargo’s invisible in-the-ear hearing aids



The new Eargo Neo HiFi aids use a “flexi palm design” to hold their position in your ear.


It’s never easy to transition to wearing hearing aids, and the stratospheric pricing that has traditionally accompanied most of those medical devices has not helped. Starting in 2017, though, legislation enabled more affordable hearing aids to be sold directly to consumers, and Eargo has been at the forefront of that effort. Just as importantly, Eargo’s family of hearing aids are more like consumer earbuds than Class 1 medical devices: They’re easy to use, you can adjust them via a mobile app thanks to Bluetooth and they charge in a friendly, attractive case. Right now, Eargo is offering deals on all of its models. First and foremost, the Eargo Neo HiFi model is available for $2,650. That’s $300 off the list price.

As a reminder, that’s $2,650 for the pair and all the accessories. If you’re thinking in earbud terms that might sound like a lot of money, but hearing aid wearers are used to seeing substantially higher numbers. In fact, it’s not unusual to pay about this price for each individual earbud rather than the complete set. But despite the far more affordable price, the Neo HiFi aids are designed to deliver really high sound quality, with features such as wind noise reduction and feedback cancellation.

They’re also fully invisible in-the-ear buds, and rely on a “flexi palm design,” which are little treelike spikes that position the buds in your ear.

In addition to the Neo HiFi, Eargo also offers two other models. You can get the Eargo Neo for $2,350, which is $400 below the list price, and the Eargo Max for $1,850 (which is $300 off). All three models include both buds, the charger, all maintenance and cleaning accessories, a one-year warranty and dedicated support. 

Year-round discounts for first-responders, military and federal employees

And that’s not all. Eargo offers a number of year-round discount programs for military, health care and federal workers. If you might fall into one of these categories, read on for all the details:

The new Eargo Neo HiFi aids use a "flexi palm design" to hold their position in your ear.

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Originally published earlier this year. Updated to reflect new information.

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