Scorpio Weekly Horoscope


WEEK OF May 18 – 2 4, 2020

Go ahead and TRY to give short shrift to your closest relationships this week—and over the coming month—Scorpio. That’s not an initiative you EVER have much luck with, and for the next few weeks, that area of life will be in overdrive! It all starts on Wednesday, May 20, when the Sun finishes its yearly trek through sensual Taurus and your seventh house of committed unions. During that cycle, emotions may have arisen that were intense enough to force you to deal with them. And now, as el Sol alights into Gemini and your eighth house of intimacy and bonding, it might be hard to focus on anything else. While it’s impossible to “predict” precisely what will come up for you, it’s safe to assume that it won’t be mild or mellow. But that’s okay because if it isn’t potent, you won’t feel it. Scorps in a partnership can take things to the next level or raise issues you’ve (both) been dodging for a while. True, that’s seldom “fun,” but it IS the path to rekindling sparks and getting a visceral reminder of why you got involved in the first place. But while physical passion is an essential component, it’s hardly the whole story. You being you, nothing short of a total mind-body-soul connection will do. Unattached? You may have to take some romantic risks. Even in the time of COVID, potential soul mates are out there. Just because you feel restrained, however, don’t lower your standards. And, since the eighth house also rules wealth and joint ventures, these next four weeks are perfect for exploring passive-income streams, like royalties, rental properties and other investments that can make you money in your sleep!

Also on Wednesday, your love and romance zones get fired up by a magnetic mingling of amorous Venus retrograde and seductive Neptune. This is the second of three Venus-Neptune squares, including the recent one on May 3 and the next and final one on July 27. Hot as this might sound, it isn’t the kind of transit that signals a fling or sizzling night with bae. This is an opportunity to deepen your bonds or reel in a potential keeper if you’re single. It starts with refusing to sell yourself short. Saying no to the “close but no cigar” type sets up an energetic pattern that will attract the RIGHT person. Practice focusing your attention on people you feel a connection with, and even if you don’t realize how powerfully alluring you are, fake it till you do!

But wait, there’s more! Friday brings the year’s only Gemini new moon, which like everything else that happens this week sets off another flare in your eighth house of seduction and bonding. Without doing anything different, you might literally feel your mojo rising as your lusty libido gets unleashed. If you haven’t been feeling the old urge to merge lately, this lunar lift can put you back in the game. New moons are associated with fresh starts, so take a moment over the coming two weeks to reflect on all the “mistakes” you’ve vowed to never repeat. But this energetic vibration can linger for up to six months, depending on what you do with it. The results of your efforts will culminate in a Gemini FULL moon on November 30, which also happens to be a potent lunar eclipse. Consider this your chance to practice manifesting till you get it down pat!

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