Libra Weekly Horoscope


WEEK OF May 11 – 1 7, 2020

As any Libra knows, there’s always room for more self-care. And when energetic Mars dips into Pisces and your sixth house of healthy living on Tuesday, May 12, you could swap some of those home spa indulgences for mat Pilates and social distancing walks through newly opened parks. Mars will be cranking away in this realm until June 27, lending assists wherever they’re needed to help you get all your systems running smoothly, from your digestive tract and muscles to your daily workload. Since the red planet loves a challenge, set a few new goals that you’re not positive you can easily reach. Sign up for an app that has fast-paced HIIT classes or dance-based cardio with an amazing beat. You might even try to give up sugar, wheat or alcohol, or cut back on some of the stress-baking and Zoom #WineTime. If you’re feeling disorganized around work or struggling to stay focused on tasks, download a productivity or distraction-monitoring app that will show you where you’re “leaking energy.” Before you take on anything new, stop and get organized, going as paperless as possible and having good digital file management. Throughout the day, take mini-breaks to clear your mind and move your body. If you don’t have a private WFH office, find a place to do some gentle stretches and shoulder rolls. And whenever you can, stop long enough to follow your breath, if only for two minutes at a time.

Wednesday, May 13 brings another internal shift when your ruler, amorous Venus, turns retrograde until June 25. The backspin takes place in Gemini and your ninth house of truth and optimism, which begs the question: Have you been using positive thinking to try to sidestep a conflict in a relationship? You can’t cheer yourself out of your honest feelings or put off speaking up because you don’t want to rock the boat! Stop painting sunshine over a legit issue and start addressing it directly. Venus retrogrades bring a golden opportunity to refine, revise and review. While broaching certain topics will be uncomfortable, once you open the floodgates, you’ll feel so relieved! How can you move forward with loved ones unless you’re being heard? In all your closest connections, it’s time to put long-range goals on the table and see how they align. Though you may discover you want different things, that doesn’t necessarily portend a breakup. Use the next six weeks to cleverly brainstorm ways you can support each other’s dreams—which might mean reconfiguring finances temporarily to get through this tough historic time. Are you still ruminating over the one that got away? Venus’ pivot could bring an old flame back into the picture; perhaps someone who moved away. If the connection is still strong, you may feel inspired to stoke the embers, but don’t expect to have full clarity until la love planet corrects course on June 25.

There’s more retrograde action on Thursday, when amplifying Jupiter shifts into reverse in Capricorn and your domestic fourth house. Ever since the planet of expansion entered this zone last December 2, 2019, it may have been hard to feel totally rooted and secure. Now that bustling Jupiter is in low-energy mode, you can power down and get to work on some of the projects that you haven’t had the motivation to tackle. But don’t get too ambitious. Retrograde Jupiter helps you settle into a new, slow-jam rhythm that opens up more time and a feeling of spaciousness. Give more focused attention to family—but preserve your sanity by setting limits and enforcing them. Clear agreements will be even more essential to keeping the peace at the Libra Palace between now and September 12.

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