Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope


WEEK OF April 27 – May 2, 2020

You’re a global thinker, Archer, but for the next two weeks, home in on the specifics. As analytical Mercury glides into pragmatic Taurus and your systematic sixth house on Monday, April 27, you’ll need to review anything (and everything) that you’ve been glossing over. Until May 11, drill down and focus on the bells and whistles that usually feel like a waste of time. In the process, you might just discover a game-changing flourish that levels up your efforts. These two weeks are a perfect time to get systems in place and to finalize any unfinished paperwork. It doesn’t have to drive up your stress levels either. See this as an exercise in serenity. The less you have to track, memorize and keep in your head, the better. Of course, that might require you to bring in some outside support or download an app. During this cycle, you can set up new organizational structures. And, since Mercury is buzzy and social, good help won’t be hard to find! On Tuesday, as Mercury clashes with taskmaster Saturn, you may have to deal with an underperforming coworker who isn’t stepping up to the plate. While this may necessitate a difficult conversation, avoiding it any longer could start to cost you time, energy and even money.

On Thursday, April 30 a discerning quarter moon lands in Aquarius and your third house of amigos. You’re quick develop a friend crush, Archer, especially when it comes to people who spark your humor and can match your adventurous spirit. Recently, someone you admire may have disappointed you with their “flakiness.” Or maybe you discovered that they, like the rest of us, are simply humans—especially under the current stressful conditions of the world. Before you strike their names from your friend list or block them from your feed, consider this: Did you raise the bar to an unfair standard in the first place? Were you clear about your expectations…or did you assume they’d operate at the same supersonic pace that you move through life at? As the universe loves to remind you, Sagittarius, you need to speak up and spell out your desires. Take advantage of the quarter moon’s harmonizing beams to have a peaceful conversation about shared goals. Then comes the most important part—writing them down! Set up a shared project board in Trello or Asana, or draft an email that spells out everyone’s roles and responsibilities. Make sure both parties sign off on this so that no one can feign forgetfulness later.

Are they really that into you…or are they simply launching a charm offensive? You might have trouble recognizing the difference this Sunday, May 3, as rosy-eyed Venus gets clipped by illusory Neptune—the first of three squares that will repeat again on May 20 and July 27. Even if the flattery is sincere, it shouldn’t necessarily determine your actions. You need to know that people can walk their talk. Stop wondering “will they or won’t they” and put those nebulous relationships to the test. A trial run of collaborating will tell you everything you need to know. Start small and watch: How does this potential partner manage time, utilize resources, and communicate throughout the process? You never know for certain until you try, but history DOES repeat itself. Checking their references or even inquiring about their past experiences can reveal a ton of information. Pay attention to how much responsibility they take for past “failures.” If you hear blame and excuses in their anecdotes, track that as a red flag. On the other hand, if they share what they learned and how important each experience was for growth, you might just have a winner on your hands.

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