Capricorn Weekly Horoscope


WEEK OF April 13 – 1 9, 2020

Feeling ungrounded? That might be a rhetorical question, given the state of the world, but take heart: The quarter moon in your sign this Tuesday, April 14 can anchor you. Gentle, balancing quarter moons don’t have the big “wow” of a full moon or the motivational energy of a new moon. But they can bring subtle shifts exactly where they’re needed, like a cosmic chiropractic adjustment. This is important, Capricorn, because your intense sign can get addicted to high achievements and grand debuts. But something doesn’t have to be epic to be significant. Set an intention for what you’d like to call in—or release—and make sure everything you do supports it. You don’t have to clean house entirely or go for a radical lifestyle makeover. In areas you’re looking to fine-tune, start by taking stock of exactly where things stand. Are aspects of your job demanding new responsibilities? Are you feeling the call to step up as a leader in a way that makes sense in these times? This is NOT the time for dramatic endings if you can help it, Capricorn. But offering something different while releasing an aspect from the past can change everything for the better this week.

Take stock: Are there relationships that have been mired in tension since “this” began? Early this week, you won’t be able to avoid dealing with these interpersonal dynamics. The Aries Sun is simmering in your fourth house of home and roots, making you more sensitive than usual. Adding to that, this Tuesday and Wednesday, el Sol slides into a tense square (90-degree angle) with prickly Pluto, then outspoken Jupiter, both in your zodiac sign and expressive first house. It would be easy to point the finger—and yeah, people have not been their best lately. But if you really want to transform the situation, this cosmic nudge has a different prescription: Shift the way that YOU communicate. In most cases, what will work is rising above and restricting your reactions…even if you-know-who is pushing every last one of your buttons! But if you’ve been playing it TOO cool and “above it all,” this galvanizing square won’t let you hold it in a minute longer. Keep your temper in check, Capricorn, but set a boundary. Let people know that, while you’re happy to discuss anything, you’re not going to put up with the unworkable behavior anymore. And if that means taking a temporary break to cool down and teach ‘em how to appreciate you, so be it.

Starting Sunday, you may want to upgrade from the “good pajamas” into something more glamorous, like, say, a flowing caftan or tuxedo-style robe jacket. Yes, even in quarantine the Sun blazes into Taurus, igniting your fifth house of amour and glamour. While you might not be able to fill your calendar with rooftop drink dates and spring flings (sob!), this solar surge appoints you entertainment director for your people. Get creative, Capricorn. Organize virtual museum tours, set your calendars and have watch parties for living room concerts and movie nights. If you could figure out how to hook up a Zoom sing-along or choir, it might be worth your time. Love is the air, and even if you aren’t able to make physical contact with the one who’s got your heart, don’t put your inner minx in quarantine. Create a self-love challenge for yourself, doing something daily to make yourself feel beautiful and sexy: dressing up, reading erotica, taking sultry selfies. Move a Tinder flirtation into a private Zoom room, make playlists for bae. When you start allowing yourself to get creative, there will be no shortage of ideas for your virtual spring awakening. The fifth house rules fame, so take advantage of this moment in history when you don’t need a glam squad to become an IGTV superstar. If you could offer anything to the world, from teaching to entertaining, what would it be? Set up that webcam and practice a little. You’ll get comfortable after enough takes, so play with sitting in front of different lighting sources (starting with your brightest window) and organizing the background into a “set.”

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