Pisces Weekly Horoscope


WEEK OF April 13 – 1 9, 2020

Who are the people on Team Pisces? And, the bigger question: How many of them still deserve a spot there? If you’ve been laying low for a while (like most people), you will get a chance to review the squad and make any necessary shift this Tuesday, April 14. An equalizing quarter moon in Capricorn illuminates your eleventh house of groups and technology—and also your hopes and dreams. Your compassion is legendary, but not everyone can meet your standards or live up to your expectations. When it comes to work projects, you can’t afford to keep any slackers or underachievers onboard. (And why are you covering for them, anyway?) This is your moment to have a private Skype sesh with the “weak links in your chain” and let them know exactly where they’re falling short. Give them clear instructions on what needs to change—and a deadline for tangible evidence—and spell out what the consequences of missing the mark are. You can make similar shifts in your personal life by reflecting on the nature of the people you are spending the most time thinking about. You want people who will enhance your life, not create stress or drama. Want to expand your social horizons? Now’s the time to hop into (or organize!) one of the many private groups that are meeting on Zoom or Facebook to talk about your panoply of passions from painting to poetry to pranic breathwork.

This week might also necessitate a purchase of digital equipment, software or an app. That’s because the Sun in your second house of finance is getting the side-eye from Pluto and Jupiter in your technology zone this Tuesday and Wednesday. Are you stubbornly hanging on to an old, outmoded way of doing things, Pisces? While we understand the importance of tightening your belt in this economy, you could actually be losing money by refusing to upgrade to a newer, faster, smarter model. Looking for work or a new opportunity? This could be the nudge you need to get your online profiles up to snuff so you can start circulating to people who may be hiring. (Yes, some companies actually still are.) If you need to “technologize” your skill set, there’s no time like the present for taking an online course in anything from photo retouching to digital marketing.

On Sunday, the Sun commences its annual, glowing, monthlong trek through Taurus and your convivial third house. The secret word between now and May 20? Networking! Whether for potential business leads, creative collaborations or soulful conversations, you’ll be in fine, charismatic form, so take advantage of it. Of course, this MIGHT feel easier said than done in the era of social distancing. But you’d be surprised, Pisces. With a little searching and experimenting, you might realize that you have access to MORE people via the virtual landscape than you did when everything was more localized. That said, the third house IS the realm of neighborhood activity. Finding ways to connect to the people in your community could be a worthwhile challenge to take on. For example, how about starting a building- or block-wide email list? Younger neighbors can do grocery runs for folks over 60 and you can stay up to date on everyone’s health status. From there, who knows what creative ideas could emerge!

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