Theragun sale returns: Get these massage therapy guns for up to $150 off



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Theragun makes some of the most popular massage guns — the company has become arguably the best-known brand in the percussive therapy arena. And now, as folks are looking to stock up the home gym, the company is again offering a slate of discounts on its line:

  • The top-of-the-line G3PRO, normally $599, is currently on sale for $449. 
  • The G3 model has dropped from $399 to $349. 
  • The entry-level Liv model has shaved $50 off its usual $249 price and is going for $199. 

But there’s something else here that’s notable: The folks at Theragun tell us that “each Theragun sold will provide 100 meals to people across America through Feeding America to help people in need during this difficult time (in addition to similar charities across the globe).” Theragun will also be “releasing daily wellness routines on Instagram Live to give people a resource to practice wellness at home.” 

We’re hearing the sale runs through May 9, so if you’ve missed out on these during the last big Black Friday sale, now’s your chance for another look.

Also, if you don’t feel like scrambling for your wallet at this hour, Theragun offers PayPal and Amazon Pay at checkout. That means you don’t need to input a credit card if you already have accounts at either. These products are also available for the same price at Best Buy and Amazon.

Theraguns use percussive therapy to massage sore muscles and knots. Think of it as a deep tissue massage, without the spa or the masseuse. The high-powered thumping movements and vibrations Theraguns provide supposedly reach deeper into your muscles than foam rolling or a professional hands-on massage.

Theraguns are popular with athletes and sports professionals, but anyone who works out hard or deals with muscle soreness can benefit from one. Considering buying one for yourself or as a gift? Check out these five reasons to get a Theragun.

Looking for cheaper alternatives? We have those, too


The top-of-the-line Theragun G3Pro uses up to 60 pounds of force to break up tight muscles and improve your range of motion. The massage gun has four arm positions, allowing you to reach tight spots, like your lower back or glutes. It also comes with two swappable batteries so you’ll always be able to use the G3Pro when you need it.

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Angela Lang/CNET

The G3 provides the same power as the G3Pro, but with fewer features for less money. You’ll still get a powerful motor that puts out percussive vibrations that can ease tight muscles. It’s a great device for the person in your life who loves to exercise and could use an upgrade from a foam roller.

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The least expensive Theragun, the Liv has only one power setting and uses up to 30 pounds of force to relieve sore muscles. It has the same ergonomic design as the more expensive models and would be a great gift for anyone with chronic muscle tension.

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