Henry Rollins Is the Los Angeles Tourism Board’s New Pitchman


Henry Rollins has been recruited by the Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board to host a five-part video series about the city. Watch the first entry, “Rollins’s Rules: LAX” below.

Part one follows the actor and former Black Flag frontman as he walks through the various steps of flying in and out of LAX, Los Angeles’ largest international airport. He recommends traveling light (“only as much as you can run with”), making eye contact with “immigration” (“their job is to keep America safe!”), and rewarding yourself with a business class ticket, which provides access to LAX’s executive lounges (“I’ve earned it”). The next four videos are set to premiere this week on Discover Los Angeles’ YouTube channel.

Rollins recently performed Black Flag’s “Rise Above” with Cyndi Lauper at her Home for the Holidays benefit concert in Los Angeles. In 2018, he featured on William Shatner’s Christmas Album Shatner Claus.

Read Pitchfork’s 5-10-15-20 feature “Henry Rollins on the Music of His Life.”

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