Aquarius Weekly Horoscope


WEEK OF December 30 – January 5, 2020

While the dawn of this upcoming new decade may not be your wildest NYE ever, it doesn’t mean it can’t be your most memorable! You’re older and wiser now, Water Bearer, and you know what makes you happy without having to have the Insta posts to prove it! This Tuesday, December 31 brings a tender and tuned-in tryst of the most emo planets, the moon and Neptune, in soulful Pisces and your second house of practical luxury, with equal emphasis on both words. If you’re just sticking close to home (yours, bae’s or a BFF’s), you don’t have to spend a rent check on a bewitching New Year’s outfit and three magnums of Veuve. By all means primp and uncork a special bottle. Maybe you’ve got an evening planned surrounded by your nearest and dearest: just one, or a cast of dozens. The point is, with your emotions dialed up, you’re more interested in the feel-good vibes of your crew than getting pulled into the DJ booth to dance with all the VIPs. (Of course, no one’s saying that COULDN’T happen…and if it does, roll with it!) If plans do call for a fancy dinner or dancing till dawn, make sure you eat something nourishing before you go out, and drink as much agua as anything else. If the itinerary isn’t set in stone, how about scoring last-minute tix to a VIP gala, benefiting a worthy cause? That would do your humanitarian Aquarian heart a world of good! Wherever you wind up, under this starry sync-up, you can look forward to some sensual canoodling—with the plus-one you invite or someone you meet along your merry way!

On Wednesday, New Year’s Day, la luna lingers in Pisces and your second house of finances, getting your year off to a motivating start. How solid are your resolutions, Aquarius? If there’s room—and there’s always room!—set a few very specific intentions for work, income and a few big-ticket expenditures in the coming 12 months. Feel like you’ve peaked at your current gig—or have no position to grow into? Drop a pin for a more lucrative and fulfilling situation. Write out all the elements that would make you happy, and don’t worry about it being “realistic.” Visualizing and desiring are the first, most important steps to manifesting something. Next week, reach out to recruiters, companies you’d like to work with and your own vibrant social network. Put the word out (discreetly) that you’re on the market. Happy where you are? Where is the growth potential? Another way to increase your bottom line is to slash unnecessary spending. When all else fails, you have control over your budget. The new year might finally be the time to hire a coach or financial adviser.

You’ll get a cosmic tailwind for your professional ambitions this Friday, when activator Mars returns to Sagittarius and your eleventh house of networking for the first time in two years. This is your sign’s home turf, and if there’s one thing you can do in your sleep, Aquarius, it’s schmooze like a #Boss! From now until February 16, reconnect with friends and old colleagues, whether to boost your job search or just for the camaraderie. Still looking for your true-blue tribe? Both online and IRL, scour groups, meetups and activist organizations that resonate. That’s where you’ll find kindred spirits.

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