Washington state highway buried under 30 feet of TUMBLEWEEDS, trapping drivers (PHOTOS, VIDEO) — RT USA News


Motorists traveling along a highway in Washington state were briefly held captive after a flash storm of tumbleweeds trapped cars under up to 30 feet of the wandering shrub, blocking the road in both directions.

Washington’s Route 240 was briefly shut down on Tuesday night due to the pileup, which saw five cars and an 18-wheeler semi-truck buried under hundreds of tumbleweeds carried into the area by high winds. The roadway was closed down for several hours while Department of Transportation workers cleared away the piles.

“People were still stuck at midnight and rung in the new year trapped under the weeds,” Washington State Patrol trooper Chris Thorson told the Associated Press.

Taking to Twitter with the hashtag #tumblegeddon on Wednesday morning, Thorson shared footage of workers excavating the last remaining car from the mountain of weeds, stuck there overnight – though “luckily no one was in it,” the officer noted.

The roads were finally cleared on New Year’s day after some 10 hours of digging, with workers employing snow plows to get the job done.

While the bizarre roadblock surely put a damper on the holiday for those it held up, the drivers all went on their way unharmed.

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