Tziporah Malkah’s bizarre bushfire rant


Former model Tziporah Malkah has launched a blistering tirade against ‘greenie people’ for protesting controlled backburning efforts as fires continue to rage across NSW’s south coast.

The 46-year-old appeared livid and teary-eyed in the short video posted on YouTube, shaking with anger as she directly addressed the political party and its voters for questioning hazard-reducing burns carried out by firefighters earlier this year.

Her lashing comes amid reports of a major humanitarian crisis threatening the NSW south coast, with food and water supplies depleting as people are given a 24 hour deadline to leave.

So far, seven people have died, four are missing and thousands of homes have been damaged in the relentless blaze.

“As we know, the bushland that we live in requires fire,” Malkah said in the video.

“However, the Greens and all the greenie people have forced us to not do fire control by getting out the underbrush and whatsoever … Doing burn-offs.

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The former Sirens star paused before exploding in anger.

“I hope that we learn from this. It’s a terrible, terrible, terrible way to learn. But we need to get out sh*t together, Australia.

“Stop it. Stop it. Stop being so stupid!” she yelled.

Malkah, formerly known as Kate Fischer, began to discuss her friends and family on the south coast of the state, before unleashing again on the political party.

“Just rack off, greenies. Let sensible people do the job.”

She then apologised for “politicising” and prayed to God to help the animals because “people are f**ked up”.

Earlier this week, she also posted on Instagram: “Hey all you greenies … Now would be a perfect time to go chain yourself to a tree!”

Her views echo those of Nationals MP Barnaby Joyce, who said in several interviews in November that “greens policy” gets in the way “of many of the practicalities of fighting a fire and managing it”, while others attribute worsened conditions to the effects of climate change.

Joyce’s claims came during the initial bushfire outbreak, amid one of the most severe droughts in Australia’s recent history.

Joyce blamed the Greens for “paperwork” that made it harder to carry out hazard reduction activities.

Speaking on Sky News, he said: “One (issue) is a lack of controlled burns — fire reduction burns … that policy needs to be changed so we can get those controlled burns.”

“It’s not burning because they burnt off, it’s burning because they didn’t burn off,” Joyce told Sky News in another interview.

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NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro also previously pointed the finger at the Greens.

“We’ve got to do better and I know that we don’t do enough hazard reduction … because of the ideological position (of) the Greens,” Barilaro said.

Earlier this month, fire authorities defended their decision to back burn after it led to 20 homes being destroyed in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales.

Crews said if the work was not undertaken the devastation would have been much worse.



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