Rachel Bloom & Husband Saved From Snowstorm by California Strangers


A couple from Bakersfield, Calif., helped Rachel Bloom and husband Dan Gregor when they found themselves stranded during a snowstorm after Christmas. 

The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend co-creator and star, who is seven months pregnant, took to Twitter late Thursday night to reveal that they planned to sleep in their car. “Hi. My husband and I are stranded in Bakersfield,” she wrote. “Does … anyone have a place we could sleep? We are stranded here or theoretically north of here (every highway going south is closed) and every hotel that’s open is at least a 2 hour drive away and we’re about to just sleep in our car.”

Local couple Kate Brogden and Steven Porfiri saw Bloom’s tweet as they were getting ready for bed. They reached out to Bloom and offered her a place to stay.

“They were about to go to sleep in a Denny’s parking lot,” Porfiri told KGET News on Saturday. Brodgen added, “Nobody should have to sleep in their car when it’s 30 degrees outside.”

Bloom promoted the local news coverage about the couple on Instagram. “The local news in Bakersfield did a story on the lovely people who took us in last night! Link in bio to see their beautiful house and majestic animals,” she captioned a photo of the couple sitting near their Christmas tree.

Bloom also updated her followers in a video on Instagram and called the act of kindness a “Christmas miracle.” She thanked Brodgen, Porfiri and his mother for helping her and Gregor. “You gave shelter to a pregnant lady wandering from inn to inn last night. When my child is born as the inevitable Messiah, you will all be honored with golden steeds and flaming swords,” Bloom captioned the post. 

During the couple’s interview with KGET News, Brogden suggested how Bloom and Gregor can pay them back for their hospitality. “We all agreed she would name the child ‘Karen Steven Kate,'” she joked. 

This article originally appeared on The Hollywood Reporter.


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