Justin Bieber Takes Fans on an Intimate Tour of His Tattoos


Justin Bieber let fans get up close and personal with him when he flashed all his tattoos in an extended Instagram Story on Monday (Dec. 30).

A shirtless Bieber panned his phone around his body to show off his more than 50 tattoos, all the way from his pastel-colored Crocs to his chest, while splayed out poolside on a tropical vacation. His motivational “Better at 70” above-the-knee ink from 2017 was one of the first in the sequence, followed by his left arm’s assortment of a joker, boombox, the words “Trust” and “Love,” rose, ancient clock, various caricatures, diamond, 8-ball, two hashtags and two pistols pointed toward each other with the phrase “Make Em Pay” written underneath.

He later pointed the front-facing camera at his completely adorned chest, a fierce display notably depicting a bear and lion on each pec with a cross in the middle and the words “Son of God” and an eagle stretched across his upper abdomen.

On the other arm, his collection consists of a cross with the world wearing a crown of thorns, a knight pulling a sword out of a stone (presumably King Arthur and Excalibur), ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez (which he tried to cover up in the past), fish, owl, roses, tiger, eagle, the cursive acronym “LL” for “Low, Lift” (according to his 2015 interview with Men’s Health), the word “Believe” (the title of his third studio album), eye and compass.

Bieber made a quick pit stop back to his legs to focus on his religious tattoos, including praying hands and Jesus from the cross on his left calf. He didn’t exhibit his latest ink from earlier this month: a giant neck tattoo of a bird with the word “Forever” written in cursive underneath.

And, of course, the 25-year-old pop star had a playlist to go along with the tattoo tour. He played “No Idea” by Don Toliver, “Con Altura” by Rosalía and J Balvin featuring El Guincho, “Session 32” by Summer Walker, “Highest in the Room” by Travis Scott, “EARFQUAKE” by Tyler, the Creator and “Best Part” by Daniel Caesar featuring H.E.R. in the background of his continuous video clips.

Check out Bieber’s full tour of tattoos below (videos not in order). 


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