Cubicle 2020? Internet field day after Mike Bloomberg promises ‘open office plan’ for White House East Room if he wins presidency — RT USA News


Billionaire ex-mayor Michael Bloomberg has exposed himself to torrents of Twitter snark, after pledging that as president he would convert the East Room in the White House into a soulless maze of cubicles. ‘Why?’ many asked.

The presidential contender found it necessary – for reasons which may forever remain a mystery – to announce that he will turn the White House’s historic East Room into an “open office” if he secures the Democratic nomination and defeats Donald Trump in 2020.

The former New York City mayor said that by doing so, he’ll be able to “sit with our team” – presumably as he judges them all as they eat lunch.

The bold policy position quickly received boisterous and highly facetious applause, with Twitter users commending the billionaire politician for his visionary thinking, as well as his zero percent polling numbers.

Others loaded up Photoshop to help envision what the trailblazing floor plan would look like.

While most comments included some sort of deeply sarcastic slight against Bloomberg, there were several commenters who pointed out that a large, soul-sucking cubicle arrangement would make it difficult to discuss sensitive security issues, and also has been shown to be bad for productivity.

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